CIOX Health Footprint

  • 50M+

    Requests for health information reliably handled annually

  • 75,000+

    Hospital and provider record retrieval sites connected

  • 7,500+

    HIM professionals and record release experts who deliver excellent service, accuracy, and quick response times

  • 100+

    Health plans served

  • 1M+

    Unique requesters who need access to protected health information

  • 18,000+

    Hospital and provider sites served

  • 400+

    EMR systems for record access

  • 1

    Platform to integrate into your workflows

A Better Way

Our vision, mission, and values guide us as your trusted expert in the management of health information — today and for the future. We built this foundation on more than 40 years’ expertise, innovation, and a solid reputation from four united companies.


Transform the way health information is managed.


Daily commitment to improving the reporting, exchange, and management of heath information.


CIOX Health is guided by these values in every aspect of our business and relationships.

  • Relationships — We build enduring relationships.
    It’s our ambition to build a place that is more than four walls and a collection of personal computers. We are by nature relational beings, and we want to build meaningful relationships among our team members and with our partners. We believe building lasting, meaningful relationships will make a stronger company and stronger customer partnerships.
  • Innovation — We push boundaries through innovation.
    We innovate in all we do, looking for better ways to do our jobs each day and better ways to meet our customers’ needs. There is so much more to be done in the world of health information. We recognize needs, develop solutions, and deploy innovation that improves the way health information is managed.
  • Sincerity — We engage with sincerity.
    In order to build the kind of company that we want to build, we have to be genuine and sincere — people who are honest and full of integrity. The kind of people you can trust and rely upon — those are the kind of people we want to be part of our company.
  • Excellence — We achieve through excellence.
    As individuals, as teams, and as a company, our collective values inspire outstanding results. We believe that exemplifying our values will lead to strong outcomes. We perform with excellence each day, consistently deliver high performance over time, and will continue to grow and transform the industry through our collective excellence.
  • Unparalleled Customer Service — We create experiences to foster customer delight.
    We are a service business. What is best for our customers drives our decision making. We aspire to build a culture in which positive customer experiences are a top priority, bringing our best each day by delivering on our promises and delighting with each interaction.
  • Personal Growth  We champion personal and professional growth.
    We constantly embrace opportunities to learn and create an open, inclusive environment by championing professional and personal development, valuing diversity, and honoring unique contributions.

What We Do

CIOX Health is creating a better way to manage health information. We facilitate and manage the movement of health information with the industry’s broadest provider network and capabilities in release of information, record retrieval, and health information management. View Solutions

  • Building on success for an exceptional tomorrow
    CIOX Health has a proven track record that goes back 40 years when we helped establish the industry of release information. We’ve assembled the industry’s most experienced people and leading release of information technology into one company to create the most powerful exchange for health information.
  • A new kind of company — one protected health information solution
    Health information has the potential to transform healthcare sustainability. CIOX Health is a technology-enabled services company providing unique solutions to your most daunting protected health information challenges.
  • A trusted intermediary between providers and health plans
    We are the single largest access point for meaningful health information in the country. We are embedded in more provider sites across the country, work with more than 100 health plans, and reliably handle a high volume of 50 million requests for health information annually. Because of these relationships and our scale, we can deliver excellent service, accuracy, and quick response times.
  • Capabilities across all health information pathways
    We offer products and services that assist in the management of health information, increasing efficiency and positively impacting the bottom line. We provide expertise in information exchange, coding, and audit management technology and services.