For Health Plans

Because of our relationships and ability to handle a large number of requests for information, we deliver premium speed and accuracy.


For Providers

We help to improve your financial performance. When you work with CIOX Health, you can reduce operational costs and maximize revenue opportunities.


For Requesters

We have the right people and most advanced, compliant, and cost-effective technology needed to process, fulfill, and track every possible request for release of information.


We Deliver Results

CIOX Health takes an end-to-end approach to health information, partnering with your organization to help you manage health information and streamline processes for the exchange of information, audit management, document management, and coding. As a company, we are in pursuit of providing the ultimate customer experience by adding value at every touchpoint.

With our specialized expertise, industry experience, and strong relationships, CIOX Health is resolving healthcare information exchange challenges, improving financial performance, reducing business risk, and creating a better experience so you get the most out of your health information.

Discover the benefits of our solutions

We help you be better
We deliver the highest level of quality and process optimization focused on helping you be better connected, better supported, and better informed in the management of health information.

One partner, more choice
Working with one trusted partner results in reduced costs, streamlined processes, consolidated systems, and centralization with increased security and compliant workflows.

One integrated offering
Gain more transparency and better results right away.