Why Choose CIOX Health?

We are your trusted partner in the management of protected health information. We have the industry’s broadest provider network and capabilities in release of information, record retrieval, and health information management. CIOX Health facilitates and manages the movement of health information.

How We’re Different

CIOX Health takes an end-to-end approach, working alongside organizations as a partner to help them manage their health information and streamline processes for the exchange of information, audit management, document management, and coding. As a company, we are in pursuit of providing the ultimate customer experience by adding value at every touchpoint.

Connecting Sources of Data with the Demand for Data

We are the single biggest access point for meaningful health information in the country. We are embedded in more provider sites across the country — the majority of the U.S. delivery system — as their release of information partner. In addition, we connect numerous provider sites through our field technicians and technology platform for record retrieval. This makes us uniquely positioned to bring consent-driven access to health information to all those who need it — regardless of location, EMR, or health system affiliation.

Security and Compliance-Focused

CIOX Health has rigorous standards that exceed industry requirements and are built directly into our processes for maximum compliance. We take a proactive approach to ensuring alignment to HIPAA requirements and secure operations. This provides peace of mind that every record is safe. CIOX Health understands that behind every record is a person — and it is our mission to keep every record secure. We treat every request with respect and a sense of urgency.

Processing Strength

CIOX Health reliably handles a high volume of 50 million requests for health information annually. With a scalable and sustainable approach to health information management, we have the processing strength to meet any size request, at any time of year, including peak periods. We have relationships with more than 18,000 providers and 100 health plans and the ability to handle a large number of requests for information. Because of these relationships and our scale, we can deliver excellent service, accuracy, and quick response times.

A Commitment to Customer Service

CIOX Health is driven by a commitment to strong service and providing the ultimate customer experience, everyday. To our team, that means providing value at every touchpoint, giving you the tools to be successful, and helping you anticipate the next challenge ahead so your peers understand the value of advanced management of protected health information. Our work and processes are optimized to keep you better connected, supported, and informed in the management of health information.

Advancing the Management of Health Information

We are building on the success of today for the future. CIOX Health has a proven track record that goes back 40 years when we helped establish the industry of release of information. We are advancing the way health information is managed and your trusted partner in the management of protected health information. We have combined capabilities in release of information and record retrieval that allow us to operate at the highest level of efficiency, sharing information seamlessly with consistency. We manage the secure exchange of information across all pathways, connecting hospitals, health plans, clinics, pharmacies, patients, pharmaceutical and medical device companies, as well as legal and commercial entities.

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