Amir Keren

Chief Technology Officer, Retrieval Solutions

Amir Keren is the Chief Technology Officer, Retrieval Solutions at Ciox Health. He is responsible for the retrieval solutions business area technological direction and advancement, which includes fostering product development and innovations that are aligned with the organization’s mission and strategic growth.

Prior to joining Ciox Health, Keren served as the Chief Information Officer and Senior Vice President of Operations at ArroHealth from 2010-2017. During his tenure, he played an integral role in the architecture and development of technology platforms, which were utilized by hundreds of customers in the healthcare, law firms, and insurance markets. In addition, he led the development of the risk adjustment retrieval, coding, and analytics services for the organization, adding innovative technologies to streamline operations and drive efficiencies.

Prior to joining ArroHealth, Keren held the position of Vice President of Product Development at SigmaKnowledge, a leading BPM software company in Israel and the United States, where he managed complex healthcare-related business intelligence analytics projects. He has an extensive background in healthcare and insurance technology markets.

Keren earned his B.S. in computer science and math at Bar-Ilan University in Israel. He went on to further his education by earning a dual M.B.A. from Tel-Aviv University in Tel-Aviv, Israel and York University in Toronto, Canada with a focus on information technology and eMarketing.