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Look Beyond the ROI Platform: Five Attributes of An All-Star Vendor Implementation Team

ROI isn’t just about the technology. It’s about the people…

Information Blocking FAQs

The Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC) published…
How to Optimize Additional PY 2020 Reconciliation Run

How to Optimize Additional PY 2020 Reconciliation Run

Additional reconciliation run for CMS PY2020 Risk Adjustment…

5 Actions to Take for Proactive Denial Management

All roads will lead to denials in 2021—unless you have a clinically-integrated…
Key Changes to ICD-10 FY 2021 Updates

Key Changes to ICD-10: FY 2021 Updates

Right about two weeks from now, we’ll be heading into our sixth…

Get Ready for Information Blocking Enforcement

While many providers have been focused on supporting the fight…

Ciox Cross Check™ automates second level review, streamlines payer coding, and improves accuracy

Innovative service applies AI-powered NLP to uncover adds, deletes…

It’s Time To Look At Contactless Care Delivery Options

One healthcare service that seems to be undergoing a similar…

Partner Breach? Steps to Protect Your Own Organization

An increased number of our provider customers are under attack,…

Denials Prevention – Look Upstream with a Physician Office Focus

As COVID-19 continues to take center stage for many healthcare…

Solving the Challenge of High-volume Health Plan Chart Requests

Medical record requests from health plans will likely grow another…
what is release of information

The ROI Evolution Continues with Advancement of Interoperability

Digital transformation may finally be here for health information…

The 5 T’s of a Best-in-Class HIM Compliance Program

In response to the urgent need to address COVID-19, the Centers…

Interoperability and information blocking. What now?

Adapting to new conditions introduced by the Coronavirus pandemic…

From Crisis to Best Practice – Using the COVID-19 Pandemic to Create a Better Denials Program

The farthest thing from the minds of HIM professionals during…

What constitutes a “signature” in the world of COVID-19 social distancing…and beyond?

It goes without saying that social distancing has changed everything,…