Innovation Is Really, Really Hard – Here’s How You Make It Happen

Real innovation takes real hard work — it’s not a product of solitary genius.

Once upon a time, four Hollywood directors met for lunch at a little diner called Hidden City Cafe in Point Richmond. The year was 1994, and Toy Story would soon be released, changing animated movies forever. The directors were John Lasseter, Andrew Stanton, Pete Docter, and Joe Ranft, and at the table that day, four new movie ideas were discussed that would go on to become some of Pixar’s biggest hits. Those films? A Bug’s LifeMonsters, Inc.WALL-E, and Finding Nemo.

If you know anything about Hollywood, where things move at a glacial pace, then this probably seems like an incredible story. Four hit films ideated in a single brainstorming session? Well, it is incredible, which is why most people in the movie industry have heard about it before.


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