Digital Release of Information: It’s easier than you think

According to an Accenture research report, “health systems that evolve to meet new consumer experience needs can expedite COVID-19 financial recovery and capture patients from competitors.” The study found that as many as two-thirds of patients are likely to switch providers if their expectations are not met.

Patient experience matters.

If there’s anything that banking and other industries have taught us, it’s this: In the not-too-distant future, digital ROI won’t be a choice. It will be ‘the default’ option simply because that’s what an overwhelming majority of requesters—particularly patients—will want.

Additionally, the need for digital release of information may be intensified by a federal push for interoperability and patient access. As information blocking becomes applicable, providers will continue to innovate in increasing access to health data and patients may welcome and adopt these innovations.

Digital release of information is a natural evolution … but how do you prepare? The first step may be to simply overcome some myths about technology-enabled release of information.

Read more about these myths in Jason Brantley’s article in the Journal of AHIMA here.

NEW on the Journal of AHIMA … Jason’s next article on Digital ROI, “Setting the stage: Demystifying digital ROI and delighting patients.

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