Healthcare APIs and Release of Information

Bi-directional application programming interfaces (APIs) give healthcare providers maximum visibility and control—and they are shaping the future of Release of Information (ROI). Enabling bi-directional APIs is one way to offer speed, efficiency and security while preserving the most necessary components of human intervention. These closed-loop data retrieval processes will shape the future of ROI in healthcare for higher quality and faster intake and fulfillment.

APIs are becoming widespread in the healthcare environment at the ideal time: the amount of data that’s being requested by various entities—including researchers, health plans, auditors, and clinicians—is increasing at a significant rate.

That’s why Ciox has been working with Epic and Cerner to implement APIs between HealthSource, our release of information software application, and the Epic and Cerner EMRs. These APIs improve our digital request fulfillment capabilities and allow us to significantly reduce turnaround times—without sacrificing security or patient privacy. Contact us to learn more.

Simply put, APIs enable applications to “talk” to each other over the internet. They offer the means to safeguard data and track its path in a seamless, sustainable way.

Read the full article about APIs in Healthcare IT Today, “Healthcare APIs: A Two-Way Street,” written by Jeff McCool, Ciox’s VP of Digital Growth and Strategy.

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