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Do not use this form to follow up on a medical records request. Please click here to submit your inquiry to Customer Service.

Frequently Asked Questions

For information regarding the provider portal, click here. For further questions or concerns, please call (877) 445-9293 or email Instructions for the Provider Portal are available using the link,, and the username and password for your login can be found on the cover page in your Provider Package.

Ciox requests medical records based on the information from information provided to Ciox from the various health plans and historical retrieval information. Please contact (877) 445-9293 to update a patient or provider location should we not have the proper alignment for the patient and provider or if you do not know the location for the medical records, please contact Ciox to unlink the patient’s medical record request from your office.

Please call (877) 445-9293 to update the location for your provider records. Please reference your Ciox Outreach ID on page one of the request package and at the top of each pull list page within the provider packet.

Please call (877) 445-9293 to update your contact information for Ciox.

To update payment information, please contact Ciox Accounts Payable via fax at (972) 957-2164 or via email at

To update the method in which Ciox requests medical records, please call (877) 445-9293.

Please contact Ciox Accounts Payable via fax at (972) 957-2164 or via email at

Here is a guideline for what to include in a medical request:

Core Processes

The following steps will be completed during this process:

  1. Verify that name, DOB and Chart ID on chart cover sheet match the name, DOB and Chart ID in Chartfinder
  2. Verify the name and DOB throughout the chart match the name and DOB in ChartFinder
  3. Verify chart contains at least one face-to-face visit that meets SOAP criteria within the dates of service requested
  4. Rotate pages right-side-up
  5. Verify that the digital scan quality is acceptable