Healthcare Audit Management

Managing healthcare audits on spreadsheets reduces efficiency in tracking financial details

A mismanaged healthcare audit can significantly impact your organizational profitability. Ciox audit management products and services help organizations defend against government and commercial post- and pre-pay audits (e.g., RAC, MAC, QIO, CERT PERM, etc.).

Single solution allows you to automate and track the audit process for any type of commercial or government audit – from records requests to appeal resolution

Our integrated solution offers audit teams seamless collaboration and streamlined movement of records between audit departments and HIM groups

Integration with Ciox HealthSource and our delivery network streamlines processing – audit documentation requests are prioritized in the HealthSource ROI system for faster fulfillment and electronic delivery offers efficiency and cost savings

Ciox is a certified Health Information Handler (HIH) for delivering through CMS Electronic Submission of Medical Documentation esMD

Faster turnaround

With due date management, prioritization of audit requests, and electronic fulfillment, audit requests are fulfilled in hours, saving critical time and costs

View and approve functionality

Option to review records for completeness and accuracy prior to submission to requester

Logic checks

Prevent unnecessary work and avoid hard denials with thorough, duplicate logic checks

Visibility for easier management

Dashboards and reporting, including customized reports, offer transparency and visibility into all requests

Extensive delivery network

Leverage Ciox’s ability to deliver medical records via direct connections, electronic delivery, esMD and/or print and mail

Document storage

All documents, including the medical record sent to the requester, are attached to the case

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