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Episode 4: Fraud Busters: Safeguarding Patient Requests and Preventing Deceptive Inquiries in Healthcare

  • Host: Elizabeth Delahoussaye, Chief Privacy Officer at Ciox Health
  • Co-host: Amy Derlink, Director of Compliance and Privacy at Ciox Health

In this podcast, we explore the rise in fraudulent healthcare requests post-COVID and the stringent validation methods used to combat them. Discussions cover the balance between patient access and data security, focusing on comprehensive validation checks like IDs, emails, and patient communications.

Key Takeaways from This Episode:

  • Comprehensive Validation: Robust measures, including checks on IDs, emails, and proactive patient communication, are essential to combat rising fraudulent requests.
  • Extended Risk: Fraudulent activities aren’t limited to patient requests but also involve third-party and governmental inquiries, necessitating broad validation practices.
  • Balancing Access and Security: Healthcare entities face the challenge of providing easy patient access while ensuring data security, highlighting the need for meticulous validation to prevent potential risks.

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