Audit Management

Managing audits on spreadsheets reduces efficiency in tracking financial details

A mismanaged audit can significantly impact your organizational profitability.

Ciox can help manage CMS audits or conduct audit risk assessments to help you anticipate issues.

Unified system to manage audit requests

Automate and track the audit process, from records requests to appeals management

More efficient document sharing

Streamline movement of records between ROI case managers, staff, and auditors

Faster healthcare audit management

Audit requests are fulfilled electronically in hours, saving critical time and shipping costs

Fully developed RADV software platform

Software designed to manage document workflow and management for 12-week RADV audit cycle

Integrated ROI and audit management

Ciox offers remote or on-site retrieval options that connect to our network of 16,000+ physician practices and 3 out of 5 US hospitals.

With six states, multiple regions and overlapping RACs, it’s critically important that we are able to accurately track our audits including appeals, financial impact, and the root cause of our denials. AudaPro is very efficient in centralizing the process. Prudence Budemer – Director of Clinical Reimbursement

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