EMR Conversion

Accurate Data is Critical to Patient Safety When Switching to a New EHR

Electronic Medical Record (EMR) conversion can be challenging. Moving from paper charts or a legacy system to a more comprehensive, enterprise-wide solution requires a partner with deep expertise in healthcare data management. Much of the valuable patient information in the legacy EMR resides in unstructured, or free-text format, which is difficult, if not impossible, to migrate electronically to the new Electronic Health Record (EHR).

Why working a trusted EMR Conversion partner is so important:

  • Having accurate patient data available to clinicians after an EMR conversion is critical to patient and physician satisfaction to build trust in the new system.
  • A missing or incomplete listing of patient medications or allergies can lead to prescription errors and adverse reactions.
  • Gaps in availability of a patient’s history can create challenges ranging from patient care, safety, and satisfaction to disruption in billing and reduction of the number of patients seen.

How does Ciox EHR Preload Clinical Abstraction Services help facilitate EMR conversions?

Ciox abstracts the data elements most valuable to providers and patients while tracking progress, QA’ing data, and reporting results with our proprietary workflow technology. Our project management and clinical data abstraction specialists work together to create a project plan specific to your organization. Clinical abstraction is done efficiently and accurately while ensuring patient safety and provider adoption is seamless.

 Ciox has considerable resources for data abstraction which offers our clients the flexibility and scalability required to complete your project in a timely manner.

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