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Building a more economical and comprehensive research model using medical records versus claims data

Ciox combines medical record retrieval with skilled, credentialed abstractors to provide high-quality research services. Ciox works directly with your research team to understand data collection needs and customizes our services to meet protocol-specific and IRB requirements. We work with study sponsors to ensure that proper patient authorization or privacy board waivers are obtained.

With expertise in real-world data (RWD), Ciox’s skilled team can access more than 400 EMR systems to optimize results from both records and unstructured data. Data collection guidelines are developed to ensure consistency and identify where redundancies may reside. All of this work is completed by the broadest and most secure provider network of any HIM company.

  • The most connected partner – With access to over 75,000 hospital and provider sites, Ciox is able to provide fast chart retrieval.
  • Detailed clinical data – With our skilled team of HIM specialists, we access the medical record and unstructured data to provide optimum results.
  • Expertise in real-world data (RWD) – Our team can access more than 400 EMR systems to capture the medical data to fit all data element needs.
  • Data collection guideline development –Setting guidelines and protocol for each data element, we assist in notifying where the elements are located in the chart and where redundancies may reside.
  • IRB approval assistance – Ciox helps create the application to file with your preferred IRB for study approval.
  • Rigorous data validity and QA – Extensive and rigorous QA processes and audits provide abstraction accuracy leading to better study cost control and met timelines.

WHITE PAPER | Differentiating Oncology Research Pipeline in Today’s Competitive Era

Big pharma is increasingly doubling down on bets to develop new blockbuster cancer drugs and access to real-world evidence is a potential game changer.

Our Epidemiology group at Optum has worked with Ciox Health for our chart procurement and abstraction needs since 2006. They have become our go-to partner for studies where it is critical to retrieve as many charts as possible and get it right the first time. They are collaborative and professional and never fail to deliver. Jeanne Loughlin, Former Vice President – Optum-Epidemiology

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