Our Clinical Data Technology Improves Clinical Data Exchange and Transforms the Flow of Healthcare Information

The Ciox fully scalable clinical data technology was designed from the ground up, revolutionizing the way clinical information is shared throughout the healthcare ecosystem.

Utilizing the latest interoperability and Artificial Intelligence technologies,  Ciox technology enables higher quality data, drives down the administrative burden and improves your financial performance. Ciox’s clinical data technology’s wide range of modules facilitate locating, acquiring, digitizing and managing complete medical data.

  • Secure Data Acquisition

    Distributed private health data exchange services with HITRUST certification ensure HIPAA compliance and enable efficient location and acquisition of health data nationwide.

  • Unstructured Data Conversion

    Optical character recognition (OCR) with advanced handwriting recognition and natural language processing (NLP) convert unstructured, paper notes into digital files for easy review.

  • Efficient Workflows

    Integrated, enterprise workflow engine provides end-to-end management and traceability of clinical records, offering transparency throughout the health care ecosystem.

  • Continuous Improvement

    Machine learning (ML) throughout provides a continuous learning loop for improved accuracy and reduced manual intervention.