Smart Request Premium is Ciox’s full service online portal and workflow tool for “On Demand” managed retrieval requests.

  • Intuitive application for request submission and delivery
  • Submit requests and monitor the progress of retrieval
  • View, print and download retrieved records
  • Easily export request data
  • API for seamless information transfer
  • 24/7 online access


Smart Request Premium is a full-service model. Simply upload your request and our team of certified professionals will confirm, locate, and deliver the charts into your portal.

ChartFinder™ – A powerful solution that locates medical records and charts. Requests are funneled through Ciox ChartFinder for tracking, identification, and Quality Assurance prior to being sent into Healthsource Vault or directly to the client.

Smart Request Self-Service will allow you to request, receive, view, download, print, and pay for medical records requests. Requests are made directly to the provider and record delivery comes only from Ciox provider customers.