Meet CIOX Health.
A trusted expert for improved management of information - today and for the future.

Uniting Four Market Leaders

We are the single largest access point for meaningful health information in the country. We are embedded in more provider sites across the country — the majority of the U.S. delivery system — as their release of information partner. In addition, we connect numerous provider sites through our field technicians and technology platform for record retrieval. This makes us uniquely positioned to help break down interoperability barriers and bring access to health information to all those who need it — regardless of location, EMR, or health system affiliation.

Advancing the Way Health
Information is Managed

We are a new kind of company that's creating a better way to manage health information. We have the industry's broadest provider network and capabilities in the release of information, record retrieval, and health information management. We facilitate and manage the movement of health information.

With access across all health information pathways, CIOX Health helps you excel in the management and exchange of critical health information. Specialized expertise, industry experience, and strong relationships allow us to deliver the highest level of quality and process optimization to our partners nationwide.

Introducing CIOX Health