Designed to Transform the Health Information Landscape and Empower Greater Healthcare Outcomes

Ciox HealthSource is a fully scalable clinical data platform

Ciox HealthSource is a fully scalable clinical data platform utilizing Artificial Intelligence technology to enable higher quality data, drive down administrative burden and improve financial performance. Designed and developed from the ground up by Ciox, revolutionizing the way clinical information is shared throughout the healthcare ecosystem, HealthSource vastly improves clinical data exchange and transforms the flow of healthcare information. HealthSource locates, acquires, digitizes and manages complete medical data.

Last mile of clinical interoperability. solved.

Clarity is designed for providers and health systems utilizing the latest in Artificial Intelligence to ensure medical records are securely obtained, authenticated and delivered to requestors with the most efficient process possible. Developed in collaboration with Health Information Management, Clarity ensures that the release of protected health information is performed accurately, securely and with an understanding that each record represents a real person.

Vault is designed for health plans, self-funded employers, life sciences and government agencies that require ubiquitous access to clinical data. Vault leverages the Artificial Intelligence tools across the HealthSource platform as well as a HiTrust data storage environment to create a unified member-centric data repository.

Vault creates a unified patient and provider centric data repository. Together with Smart Chart, these products drive more powerful financial and clinical outcome-based models.

Smart Chart is designed for health plans, self-funded employers, life sciences and government agencies that require clinical data for improved decision making. Smart Chart quickly identifies and extracts heath data from structured and unstructured medical records and supplemental data feeds to aggregate a patient’s medical history into a longitudinal digital profile.

Gym is a comprehensive education solution designed to assess, train and develop medical coders through a robust, engaging learning environment. From screening and baseline assessments of new coders to more advanced modules for coder skills development, cross training, and continuing education, Gym provides data-rich training and practice scenarios with immediate feedback. Gym offers a hands-on learning approach for coders of all skill levels and helps providers optimize coding performance.

Patient Request improves the patient experience by providing an easy way for patients to request their medical records anytime, from anywhere. Using your current request form, Patient Request offers healthcare providers easy implementation, visibility into patient usage via dashboards, and less manual work to improve request fulfillment turnaround times.

Advanced Technology

HealthSource uses the latest interoperability and artificial intelligence technologies as core platform services. This foundation enables HealthSource to both manage the flow of health information and give shape to structured and unstructured records.

  • Distributed, private health data exchange services, rooted in the highest security protocol available, HITRUST, enable efficient location and acquisition of health data nationwide
  • Optical character recognition (OCR) services with advanced handwriting recognition and natural language processing (NLP) services bridge the last mile of paper to digital conversion and unstructured data
  • Integrated, enterprise workflow engine services provide end-to-end management and traceability of clinical records, offering transparency throughout the health care ecosystem
  • Machine learning (ML) throughout provides a continuous learning loop for improved accuracy and reduced manual intervention

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Artificial Intelligence enabled technology platform to extract and securely access data from disparate health records, solving the last mile of clinical data interoperability.

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