Release Of Information Services

What is release of information?

Release of information is the process of providing access to protected health information (PHI) to an individual or entity authorized to receive it. Even with electronic health records, the process is complicated and governed by both federal and state regulations. The release of information process is also critical to the healthcare ecosystem. It is essential to time-sensitive activities like ensuring patients’ continuity of care as well as to longer-term priorities like revealing insights that will transform the quality and cost of healthcare.

Ciox has over 40 years of experience in release of information services and removing this burden from healthcare providers. Our release of information services meet providers where they are while also bringing all the digital tools and connectivity that requestors need.

Manage, protect, and leverage health information to improve operations, revenue, and patient outcomes

Medical record requests create a drain on organizational resources. As provider staffs struggle to address requests for release of information, requesters experience long wait times which can directly impact whether patients receive the right care and your organization achieves timely reimbursement. Ciox offers release of information specialists and automation technology that save you hard costs and staff time.

Tailored to any release of information request

Serving release of information needs for providers, payers, government agencies, law firms and patients

Large national footprint, ready to scale

Ciox is an end-to-end release of information service provider built for high-volume requests and seasonal spikes

Achieve bottom line results

On-demand analytics and customizable dashboards let you monitor crucial performance metrics and react to data in real-time

On-site or remote release of information solutions

Highly trained, HIPAA-trained staff can work on-site or support your team remotely via release of information outsourcing

Leading release of information services company

Three out of five hospitals, 16,000+ physician practices, and over 100 health plans are Ciox clients

Connects securely to your HIM system

HIPAA-compliant release of information solutions that meet Direct Trust and meaningful use (MU) Stage 2 requirements

Give patients a contactless way to request their medical record.
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It is a pleasure to be in a partnership with a company that makes the needs of the customer a top priority. One that is committed to releasing the right information, on the right patient, at the right time, to the right requester.

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