Learn more about two U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) final rules that have significant financial and operational implications for health care providers and payers, particularly related to electronic health data exchange.


21st Century Cures Act

The “21st Century Cures Act: Interoperability, Information Blocking, and the ONC Health IT Certification Program” final rule reinforces the definition of information blocking and associated penalties, as well as describes reasonable and necessary activities that would not constitute information blocking. Information blocking compliance and penalties go into effect in November 2020.

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CMS Interoperability And Patient Access

The CMS final rule requires health plans in Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, CHIP, and through federal Exchanges to share claims and other health information via APIs with patients and other plans. It also includes requirements of providers. These requirements have a range of effective dates, with the first in May 2021.

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Information blocking enforcement begins November 2, 2020

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If I deny this request, is it information blocking?

Not sure when denying a request might be considered information blocking?

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Myth busting

Confirm your understanding of the information blocking prohibition.

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Wondering how to get started?

Take these 6 actions to get your organization on track with the information blocking prohibition.

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Ciox CEO Pete McCabe discusses how Ciox has continuously developed processes and technology to get the right clinical information to the right stakeholders at the right time. Interoperability has always been central to how Ciox empowers greater health and Ciox is well on its way to the next generation of technology to enable interoperability.

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