Request and Receive Medical Records Electronically

APIs and Electronic Delivery Replace Manual Processing to Improve Efficiency and Ensure Quality

As healthcare continues to move from a paper-based ecosystem to a digital one, Ciox has the foundation for the future with the most extensive network access to clinical data, including over 150,000 digital connections in the U.S., Ciox’s data orchestration technology, HealthSource, utilizes artificial intelligence technology to simplify the process of requesting and accessing medical records. These elements combine to drive down the administrative burden and enable higher quality and an efficient experience

When you give us your email address, tracking your requests is easy!

Reduction in Manual Data Entry > Higher Quality, Improved Compliance

With a direct API connection, your organization can send electronic requests to HealthSource, Ciox’s release of information workflow engine, where they are auto logged and move directly to the fulfillment process. This process provides a unique tracking number to ensure you that we’ve got it! And because your organization creates the request, manual data entry errors that may cause delays or inaccurate releases of protected health information are easily avoided.

Visibility > Less Follow Up, No Duplicate Requests

Managing ROI on HealthSource offers end-to-end visibility of the request. Through automated communications, your organization will know the status of all requests, which eliminates time-consuming and costly follow-up phone calls and submission of duplicate requests.

Faster Turnaround > Greater Provider and Patient Satisfaction

Bypassing the mail or fax machine will improve speed to completion and minimize delays, and our technology-enabled workflows and priority slotting system will reduce turnaround times. And we all know that the faster an ROI request is delivered, the happier the end customer, the patient, will be.

Made for You > Choose How You Receive Records

Records can be delivered via API, SFTP, or Online. Choose what makes most sense for your organization and requestors.