Ciox Chase Intelligence combines proprietary algorithms and data sets to offer a comprehensive solution for risk adjustment programs Including Prospective, Retrospective and Provider Site Knowledge

Suspect assessments are applied using member and provider information to create a new strategic chase list. Our flexible and modular approach ensures that we have the right solution for your needs.

Chase Intelligence solutions include:

Provider Site Pre-chase Intelligence

Our pre-chase focuses on provider selection utilizing Ciox’s existing provider relationships, past records, likelihood to respond, and response timeliness

Retrospective Intelligence

Post-chase we focus on retrieval method selection informed by our large-scale retrieval experiences leading to faster turnaround time, lower provider abrasion and decreased provider fees.

Prospective Intelligence

Looking ahead based upon encounter data to shape future chase lists from projected probable emerging conditions

Full Service (Prospective and Retrospective)

  • Data extraction
  • Data warehousing
  • Risk score calculation
  • Member targeting
  • Provider selection
  • Reporting

Complimentary Outreach

Our outreach solution focuses on identifying the right provider contact to retrieve the records and is offered complimentary with our retrieval projects.