Delivering added value from clinical data retrieval and redetermination efforts

Moving beyond the PDF to supplement clinical data, boost accuracy, insight, and value derived from clinical chart retrievals

Traditional retrieval campaigns conclude with the delivery of flat PDF files, leaving a plethora of untapped data and insight on the table. With the transformation to digital, records obtained can be mined for additional uses across the health plan to assist in making key decisions to improve the membership’s benefit.

Ciox Data Utilities offers tools that can be used together or individually, depending on need. Utilities include multiple offerings with Structured Data Delivery, and Social Determinant Insights.

Ciox Data Utilities Supplements Clinical Data by:

  • Offering flexible and scalable data interpretation toolsets that increases the value of charts retrieved
  • Expanding access to Chart Content and Supplemental Data across the organization
  • Delivering structured clinical data in electronic and easily consumable formats in the cloud
  • Simplifying your data utilization by accepting records directly retrieved from EHRs in Continuity of Care Documents (CCDs) or Clinical Document Architecture (CDA) formats
  • Adding multiple sources of data and chart content to enrich analytics and downstream use cases

Ciox Best Contact solves data accuracy challenges:

  • Fill in and augment patient profiles
  • Ensure care management and other outreach departments have current contact information
  • Leverage a unique identifier in place of sensitive information like SSNs and DOBs
  • Maintain information on highly-transient patients
  • Improve transparency into minor populations through public records linking