Clinical Data Solutions for Life Sciences

Ciox liberates the power of medical data for clinical investigation.

Working at the intersection of clinical data, artificial intelligence, and medical research, Ciox research scientists advance patient care by powering clinical investigations with high-quality de-identified clinical data from the point of care. Pharma, biotech, academics, NGO’s and government medical researchers need more depth than what is aggregated in existing structured de-identified databases.  Ciox liberates and codifies the unstructured text-based data, while preserving its lineage and protecting patient privacy.

Using proprietary biomedical Natural Language Processing (BioNLP) software, Ciox extracts targeted variables from deep within medical chart-based data. Surgical reports, pathology reports, imaging reports, discharge summaries physician notes and other clinician-scribed narrative text contain much of the medically relevant phenotypic data for researchers.  Ciox structures the unstructured, putting clean, de-identified relevant and real data in the hands of the research teams.

We solve the data headache so our colleagues fighting the diseases that affect us all, can focus on generating evidence to advance life-saving therapies.

  • Unlock the full value and clinical semantic understanding of a patient’s journey

  • Facilitate fast and consistent translational research

  • Access RWD that is meaningful for biomedical discovery and clinical trials research across many disease areas, including COVID-19

  • Bring a true longitudinal perspective to clinical investigation