Navigating Denials Is a Balancing Act

Ciox helps healthcare providers manage complex, current denials and prevent systemic, reoccurring denials in the future.

90% of denials are preventable

Traditionally denials are an afterthought. But at Ciox we concurrently leverage data and analyze in real time to prevent denials from happening in the first place.

A Clinically Integrated Revenue Cycle is critical

Denials management and prevention is one of the main reasons that the clinical and financial sides of the organization must collaborate and partner closer than ever before.

A Clinically Integrated Revenue Cycle captures a holistic view of the patient experience, which is required to support value-based care models. Clinical and financial resources, processes and technology are no longer siloed, but instead are integrated.

  • Implementation of denials management technology
  • Engagement of all clinical areas
  • Consistent prevention efforts
  • Effective use of data analytics