The Right Record to the Right Requester at the Right Time in the Right Format

Release of Information, powered by Datavant Switchboard is enabling higher quality, more efficient processing, and greater patient, requester, and provider satisfaction.

What is release of information (ROI)?

Release of information is the process of providing access to protected health information (PHI) to an individual or entity authorized to receive it. Even with electronic health records, the process is complicated and governed by both federal and state regulations. The release of the information process is also critical to the healthcare ecosystem. It is essential to time-sensitive activities like ensuring patients’ continuity of care as well as to longer-term priorities like revealing insights that will transform the quality and cost of healthcare.

How is release of information changing?

We’ve all grown accustomed to information requests that yield a rapid turnaround time with minimal effort required. Now, those expectations have entered the healthcare industry and specifically, the world of ROI. Digital ROI—the use of technology to request and release PHI as appropriately authorized—makes meeting patient, requester, and provider expectations possible. And with the introduction of ROI powered by Datavant Switchboard, healthcare providers can:

  • CONNECT authorized requesters to providers’ EHR or data warehouse digitally
  • Configure CONTROLS that enable the ROI rules set by each provider for each type of request
  • COMPLY with regulatory requirements and quality standards

Ciox has over 40 years of experience in release of information.

We meet providers where they are and by bringing digital tools and connectivity to requesters, Ciox removes many of the burdens associated with release of information and makes digital ROI a reality for healthcare providers. Learn more about setting the stage for digital ROI that will delight your patients and simplify your operations.