White Papers

Learn how Ciox technologies have solved healthcare and health information management challenges.

Better Together: Building a Clinically Integrated Revenue Cycle

To optimize the revenue cycle, the clinical and financial paths must be brought together. Ciox’s Geoff New shows us the path.

Differentiating Oncology Research Pipeline in Today’s Competitive Era

Big pharma is increasingly doubling down on bets to develop new blockbuster cancer drugs and access to real-world evidence is a potential game changer.

Outsourced Certified Tumor Registrars Provide Expert Services

According to 1A Podcast, “The Way We Work,” one out of five (1/5) US workers are contract or freelance workers.1 The health care industry has used contract workers in a variety of roles, cancer registry included.

Centralizing HIM Operations: An Enterprise Approach

Regardless of provider size, health information often lives in silos, challenging standardization. Centralizing HIM operations requires a collaborative, enterprise-wide commitment.

System and Technology Integrity: Achieving “Best In Class” Capabilities

In its goal of achieving “Best in Class” IT capabilities, Ciox Health goes above and beyond industry security and compliance standards to implement regular internal and third-party audits.

Cancer Registry Workforce Shortage Mounting Fast as Demand Accelerates

A shrinking talent pool of cancer registry professionals is exacerbating reporting backlogs in many provider organizations. A commitment to support training may be the best path forward.

Bridging the Communication Gap between Health Plans and Providers

In light of the shift to value-based, coordinated accountable care, trust remains a challenge between health plans and providers. Open, honest communications could bridge the gap.

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