Rigorous protocols at every touchpoint

Serving the Person Behind Every Record

Ciox Health facilitates more than 40 million requests annually for protected health information. And while our goal is to deliver secure patient records in an efficient manner, we remain accountable to the person behind each and every health record. We maintain rigorous security protocols to ensure peace of mind for our partners and the patients they serve.

Secure network connections across the healthcare ecosystem

Proactive approach to ensuring HIPAA compliance and maximum security
Conforms with IHE Technical framework and Modular EHR certification
Employees complete more than 30,000 training hours to stay compliant with industry standards

Combined SOC2 + HITRUST certification

Exceeding customer expectations by auditing against both HITRUST standards and the AICPA Trust Principles in a combined SOC2 +HITRUST certification. (Approach recommended by the HITRUST Alliance).

Real-time monitoring and alerting

Our multi-layer approach to security protection leveraging world-class technology solutions ensures our security teams have visibility to all components of our network and applications.

Hands-on coaching and teaching

All elements of Information Security start with your people. We deploy continuous education programs ensuring security risks are top of mind and built into the culture. All security risks are handled on a real-time basis and closed with preventative actions.

Continuous Testing

Weekly and monthly scans across all platforms and annual external penetration tests. Security vulnerability testing before releasing software to production environments.