Clinical Abstraction

A decentralized approach to abstraction often leads to silos of data and redundancy

With deep expertise in registry and outcome requirements, Ciox Health’s enterprise-wide abstraction services help organizations standardize processes for better insights and reporting.

Developing enterprise-wide workflows

Achieving clinical data abstraction consistency through protocols that standardize abstraction and validation, reducing variability

Deep expertise in abstraction staffing

Helping health systems and clinics achieve economies of scale and accurate data collection by providing expert credentialed abstractors

Creating efficiencies for labor-intensive functions

Achieving improved cost and quality across the organization as it relates to core measures and registries. Centralizing resources without restructuring

The procurement and abstraction of charts for this large study of screening for lung cancer is complex and challenging. Medical records from diverse sources are collected on thousands of study participants in more than twenty hospitals. These records document health care utilization and clinical outcomes over a period of several years. Ciox took on the challenge and brought it to fruition with remarkable flexibility and professionalism. Constantine Gatsonis, PhD – Principal Investigator and Professor, Brown University

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