Denials Prevention

The Ciox denial prevention solution will:

  • Provide a unique, holistic, multi-step, multi-discipline approach to denials.
  • Analyze the where and why denials occur and isolate the root cause.
  • Conduct operational review targeting the top areas.
  • Provide ongoing educational support to minimize future denials.
  • Build and maintain a partner relationship with client leaders sharing data.
  • Increase revenue from denial overturns and prevent future avoidable denials through education.


  • Retrospective authorization updates.
  • Retrospective clinical medical necessity reviews and appeals (e.g. Medicare, Medicaid, Managed Care, Commercial, Third Party).
  • Ongoing education to change operational behaviors currently impacting denials.


  • Professional team of multispeciality clinicians, active licensures and accreditations in areas of clinical expertise.
  • Thorough understanding of Medical Necessity Criteria throughout the continuum of care as it relates to admission, continued stay, and discharge as well as post-discharge care.
  • Excellent authoring skills and the ability to engage in active clinical discussions as needed.
  • Dedicated to working appeals exclusively.


  • Onsite or remote

Top 5 Best Practices

  1. Effective Use of Data Analytics
  2. Implement Denials Management Technology
  3. Engagement of All Clinical Areas to Prevent Denials
  4. Consistent Prevention Efforts
  5. Partner with Ciox

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True Clincal Picture
One approach or method will not serve as a long-term strategy in today’s healthcare landscape. A multi-faceted approach looking at denials through a different lens while utilizing quality documentation and the True Clinical Picture will pave a solid path.

Interested in learning more? Request a Denials Analysis and learn how Ciox can help raise your denials program to new heights!