Oncology Data Management

Administrators find it challenging to recruit and retain credentialed cancer registrars (CTR) to ensure accurate and timely cancer registry management

Ciox offers comprehensive outsourcing that matches industry-leading expertise to your business goals.

Improving data backlogs, Meeting Rapid Quality Reporting (RQRS) timelines, survey readiness

Cancer registry management that improves timely reporting and ACoS CoS accreditation compliance

More useful cancer data

Quality cancer registry management ensures information can readily improve patient care

Better registry cost controls

Reduce expenses and unpredictable
outcomes that accompany rotating
temporary staff

We found Ciox as we were preparing to initiate the CoC Accreditation process. We wanted our registry to be in the best shape possible and needed the expertise that Ciox was able to offer. Our experience has been outstanding! We made it through our first survey flawlessly and have our third coming up soon. My registry management team and staff are exceptional in every way. I have been amazed by the professionalism of everyone in the organization and wouldn’t think of running our program any other way!

~Shellie Sherrod, Vice President and Administrator for Oncology Services