Health information management that accelerates revenue cycles, streamlines operations and improves patient outcomes

Ciox improves patient and organizational outcomes through better health information management. As the only company with both provider and requester relationships, Ciox modernizes workflow-driven processes. This integrated approach to people and technology limits staffing disruption.

Enabling Greater Health by Improving the Way Health Information is Managed

Continuity of Care

Patient Access to Data

Reimbursement Improvement

Release Of Information

The combination of ROI specialists and automation technology save you hard costs and staff time

Denials Prevention

Ciox can customize a holistic, multi-step, multi-discipline approach to preventing your avoidable denials.

Coding Services & Education

CCS-certified experts can deliver remote coding or build your internal expertise through training

Imaging Services

Highly efficient document imaging solutions reduce staff time and speed up revenue cycles

Audit Management

Ciox helps manage CMS audits or conduct audit risk assessments to help you anticipate issues

Clinical Abstraction

HIM experts support enterprise-wide data collection design, clinical research services & data management

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