Risk Adjustment Analytics
for Healthcare

Ciox Health’s Risk Adjustment Analytics combines proprietary algorithms and datasets to offer a
comprehensive analytics solution to risk adjustment programs. Our flexible and modular approach
ensures that we have the right solution for your needs. Our analytics portfolio includes:

Full-service Analytics (Prospective and Retrospective)

  • Data extraction
  • Data warehousing
  • Risk score calculation
  • Member targeting
  • Provider selection
  • Reporting

Pre-chase Analytics

Our pre-chase analytics focuses on provider selection utilizing Ciox’s existing provider relationships, past
records, likelihood to respond, and response timeliness.

Post-chase Analytics

Post-chase analytics focus on retrieval method selection informed by our large scale retrieval experiences
— leading to faster turnaround time, lower provider abrasion and decreased provider fees.

Complimentary Outreach

Our outreach solution focuses on identifying the right provider contact to retrieve the records and is
offered complimentary with our retrieval projects.

Highly effective, end-to-end solution based on industry leading best practices


Pre-chase Analytics: Provider Selection

  • Provider selection algorithms utilize Ciox’s extensive provider relationships and nationwide data to
    select ideal provider and chart location
  • Utilization of experiential data to minimize provider abrasion
  • Ongoing analysis of intervention data
  • Interactive and customizable dashboards to assist with data manipulation and analysis

Post-chase Analytics: Retrieval Method Selection

  • Maintain insight about 750,000 provider locations and their preferred engagement methods
  • Algorithms provide the optimal retrieval methods leveraging provider insights and behaviors

Intuitive Reporting: Risk Adjustment Analytics Dashboard

  • Analytics and results dashboards that bring every risk adjustment project into one location. Easy-to-use, dynamic reporting that looks and feels like a familiar toolset

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