Automated Second Level
Review HCC Coding Service

Ciox Cross Check™  automates HCC code reviews, relieving much of a health plan’s burden while reducing costs significantly, and improving accuracy. The service is designed to support varying HCC coding guidelines, including second-level coding review as well as reconciliation vs prior claims submissions. 

Harnessing all the power of Natural Language Processing with machine learning, Cross Check is designed for coders seeking meaningful Second Level Review (2LR) results, backed by a team of certified coding experts.


Ciox Cross Check 2nd Level HCC Coding Review Process

Improved HCC Coding Accuracy

Ciox Cross Check provides the ability to add net-new codes identified through the NLP process as well as delete previously submitted codes that do not meet the coding guidelines or meet criteria.

Return on Investment

Second-level review (2LR) projects find HCC codes that were initially missed during first-level review (1LR) and with proven results showcasing 8-12X ROI


Ciox technology has the capacity to seamlessly handle large volumes of data without disrupting daily activities. Our coding operation and expertise in HCC coding services is vast and experienced enough to ramp-up production while maintaining quality results.

User Friendly with Best-in-Class Customer Experience

Ciox Cross Check was built with our customers in mind to allow for optimal efficiencies while maintaining quality. With a dedicated account manager and user-friendly auditing application, our clients’ needs are always met.

Subject Matter Experts

Risk adjustment is complicated and ever-evolving. Unlike other software vendors who are heavily technology-focused and lack subject matter experts (SME’s), Ciox has a team of risk adjustment specialists to ensure that every code submitted meets a high level of quality and accuracy.

Ready to Implement?

No problem! Unlike other software vendors, Ciox offers quick turn-around for consuming various formats of data through many sources without the hassle of complex implementation, software setup, and training. Powerful dashboards supply instantaneous insight to the charts under review and designate the importance each second level review provides. Quickly demonstrate to management how Ciox Cross Check is supplying value, optimizing performance, and protecting the risk profile of your members.


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Second Level Review Resources


Ciox Cross Check™ automates second level review, streamlines payer coding, and improves accuracy

Innovative service applies AI-powered NLP to uncover adds,
deletes & corrections

September 10, 2020 – Alpharetta, GA – Ciox Health™, a leading health technology company, has expanded its risk adjustment coding services with Cross Check – a service for advancing coding accuracy, automating second-level reviews, and delivering improved results. The innovative solution is powered by the latest natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning, and a proprietary rules-based coding engine backed by a team of certified Ciox coders.

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How Payers Can Use NLP to Improve Risk Adjustment Coding

When payers think about using NLP services, they often think about how they can embed an NLP-enabled process into the first pass coding process. The process of bringing new technology into the risk adjustment process can be daunting, and payers should be cautious to engage with the right technology partner. But to take advantage of NLP, and experience the value it can add to risk adjustment, there are other ways for payers to obtain the benefits more quickly — without having to implement a full, first-pass coding NLP solution, and even when already working with a coding vendor.

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